Second Stage (March 1, 2001)

Show or Artist Song Info/Composer
Squonk drinkk big drink  
Squonk in the kitchen of the mountain king  
Squonk air of the ...  
Squonk dance of the seven vowels  
Squonk sighs of her eyes  
Maddie Overture  
Maddie Don't Look Back  
Maddie Maddie Dancing  
Maddie Knick Knacks  
Maddie Ghost  
Maddie I'll Find Time For You  
Off the Wall Spin of the Wheel  
Off the Wall Jazz Mad  
Off the Wall You Know What I Mean  
Off the Wall Rosy Miller  
Off the Wall I Won't Be Doing That Tonight  
Days of Hope Scarborough Fair  
Days of Hope Say Gipsy Say  
Days of Hope Song of the English Volunteer  
Days of Hope If Not Today  
Days of Hope Lorca  
Days of Hope Antonio  

Cabaret Corner (March 1, 2001)

Show or Artist Song Info/Composer
Carol O'Shaughnessy Small World/Everything's Coming Up Roses  
Janice Mars I Don't Think I'll End It All Today  
Janice Mars Winter of My Discontent  
Dave Frishberg Save It Pretty Mama  
Blossom Dearie It's All Right to be Afraid Lynne Jackson & Mike Palter

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