Second Stage (May 18, 2001)

Show or Artist Song Info/Composer
Rocky Horror (2001 B'way) Eddie's Teddy  
Rocky Horror (2001 B'way) Overture  
Rocky Horror (2001 B'way) Science Fiction Double Feature  
Rocky Horror (2001 B'way) Damn It, Janet  
Rocky Horror (2001 B'way) Once In a While  
Infinite Joy Stupid Things I Won't Do  
My Fair Lady With a Little Bit Of Luck  
Fantasticks (Japan Tour Cast) Plant a Radish  
Fantasticks (Japan Tour Cast) Much More (Reprise)  
Fantasticks (Japan Tour Cast) Round and Round  
Infinite Joy Infinite Joy  
My Fair Lady Just You Wait  
Infinite Joy Mister, Make Me a Song  
Producers Haben Sie Gehort Das Deutsche Band?  
Producers Opening Night (Reprise)  
Infinite Joy How Marvin Eats His Breakfast  

Cabaret Corner (May 18, 2001)

Show or Artist Song Info/Composer
Alison Fraser Stars In My Eyes  
James Alexander A Life That Can Never Be  
Christiane Noll PMS Blues  
Kristopher McDowell Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear  
Phillip Officer Since Love's Come Around  
Susan Abod The Process Song  
Kristin Chenoweth Rewriting History  

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