Second Stage (November 3, 2000)
Pre-Election 2000 special

Show or Artist Song Info/Composer
Li'l Abner The Country's In the Very Best Of Hands  
Best Little Whorehouse in Texas The Sidestep  
How Now Dow Jones Step to the Rear Humphrey's '68 campaign song
Call Me Madam Washington Square Dance Irving Berlin
I Love You, Madam President Join the Party Phyllis Lind
I Love You, Madam President The Man Behind the Throne Phyllis Lind
Rapmaster Ronnie You're Not Ready Swados/Trudeau
Call Me Madam They Like Ike Irving Berlin
Will Rogers Follies Our Favorite Son  
Rapmaster Ronnie Cheese Swados/Trudeau
I Love You, Madam President It's a Sad Day For Us All Phyllis Lind
Rapmaster Ronnie 9 to 12 Swados/Trudeau
Eleanor - An American Love Story Practical Politics  
Mr. President The Washington Twise Irving Berlin
Call Me Madam The Hostess With the Mostes' on the Ball Irving Berlin
Mamma Mia Super Trouper  
Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Doatsy Mae mentions Fredrick's of Hollywood
Rocky Horror Picture Show Science Fiction Double Feature orig London cast
Rocky Horror Picture Show (live 25th) There's a Light 25 years old! Yow!
Hampton the Hampster Hampsterdance (original mix) song virus time!

Cabaret Corner (November 3, 2000)

Show or Artist Song Info
Carol O'Shaughnessy Wanna Sing a Show Tune/They're Playing My Song Local artist
Carol O'Shaughnessy The Best is Yet to Come Local artist
Krisanthi Pappas Congratulations! Local artist/songwriter
Krisanthi Pappas Here's to Toughy McGee Local artist/songwriter
Carol O'Shaughnessy I've Got You Under My Skin Local artist
Persuasions Ripple "Why Not?" :)

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