Second Stage (June 16, 2000)

Show or Artist Song Info
Music Man (2000) Ya Got Trouble  
Music Man (orig) Ya Got Trouble  
Carousel June Is Bustin' Out All Over  
Music Man (2000) Goodnight My Someone  
Music Man (2000) Seventy Six Trombones  
Music Man (2000) Ice Cream  
Music Man (2000) Sincere  
Follies Beautiful Girls  
Scarlet Letter Cute and Holy  
You're a Good Man Charlie Brown Happiness  
Scarlet Letter The Interior of a Heart  
Scarlet Letter No Redemption  
Naked Boys Singing Nothing But the Radio On  
Time (Laurence Olivier) Theme From Time  
Cotton Patch Gospel Jubilation  
Time (Laurence Olivier) Beauty, Truth, Love, Freedom, Peace  
Sarah Cole Page Looking Ahead  
Starmites Finale (It Wasn't a Dream)  
Doonesbury I Came to Tan  

Cabaret Corner (June 16, 2000)

Show or Artist Song Info
Adam Guettel Unexpressed  
Amanda McBroom The Song With the Violins  
Ann Hampton Calloway In a Restaurant by the Sea  
John Bucchino Not A Cloud in the Sky  
Brian Lane Green Taking the Wheel  
David Campbell Better Than I  
Kristin Chenoweth This Moment  

Electronic Music Studio (June 16, 2000)

Show or Artist Song Info
Hybrid Finished Symphony  
831 Desyfer  
Lost Tribe Gamemaster (Matt Darey & R. Jerry)  
Nebula B Liquid  
Matt Darey Liberation (Fly Like an Angel)  
Toy-Box Tarzan and Jane  for Y2K
Lustral Everytime  
Thrillseekers Synesthesia  
Vengaboys Paradise  
Alice Deejay I Can See (See it in Your Eyes)  
Alice Deejay Better Off Alone  
Alice Deejay Back in My Life  
Summer Spirit My Dreams Will Come True  
Lost Tribe Gamemaster (Matt Darey & R. Jerry)  
DJ Tiesto Theme From Norefiell  
DJ Visage The Return (Time to Say Goodbye)  
Signum Feel the Pressure  
Hit 'n' Hide Kingdom of Eternity  
Silent Harmony Save the Whales  
Translucent Cascade  

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